difference between aeis and s-aeis

There is not much difference between AEIS and S-AEIS.  The AEIS Singapore is similar to S-AEIS Singapore (Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students). The main difference between AEIS and S-AEIS is the timing in which the admissions exercise is held. Students who have not been successful in the year’s S-AEIS Singapore can also take the AEIS Singapore exams in the same year. The same can be said for those who cannot make it for the AEIS of the previous year. They can take S-AEIS of the next year instead.

difference between aeis and s-aeisADDITIONAL QUESTIONS

Should I take the AEIS Singapore or S-AEIS Singapore?
That depends on the next available exam and also the year in which you hope to admit your child in. Another important factor to take into consideration in deciding whether to take AEIS or S-AEIS is the amount of preparation that your child needs to set aside in order to pass the examination. This is usually determined by doing an initial AEIS assessment for the child and assessing how well-prepared he is, given the year that he is hoping to enter in Singapore schools.  If he is not eligible for the next upcoming AEIS or S-AEIS exam, then consider taking the next one. At Raffles AEIS Centre, we assess each child accordingly and then structure a gameplan for the student.

Take note of the following case scenarios.

Case scenario 1:
Your child is 9 years old in 2018 and the month is now January. You can either enrol your child for the S-AEIS so he can be admitted to mainstream Singapore school in mid-2018 for Primary 3 or if he is unprepared, he can apply to enter Primary 4 in 2019 and sit for the September-October AEIS examinations in 2018.

Case Scenario 2: 
Your child is 14 years old in 2018 and the month is now August 2018. You can enrol your child for AEIS exams in September to October 2018 for entrance into mainstream school in 2019 at Secondary 3.

As you can see, there is not much difference between AEIS and S-AEIS. The main difference lies in the timing of the examination and also the amount of preparation that your child already has.

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All information is obtained from MOE AEIS.

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