Enter local Singapore schools- It is easy if you follow these steps:

how to enter local singapore schools

For clarity purposes, this post is about non-Singaporean students looking to enter local Singapore primary or secondary schools. 

1. Get an assessment at an AEIS tuition centre

It is important to get a proper and thorough assessment done on your child. The assessment, if done properly by an trustworthy and reputable AEIS centre, should be able to identify if your child is ready to sit for the next upcoming AEIS exam or the following one. It should also identify strengths and areas of improvement. Clarity from the assessment will then pave the way for a strategy leading up to the AEIS examination. A proper assessment will be able to optimise the time the student spends at the AEIS tuition centre. The strategy will primarily highlight how it aims to help the child to prepare for the AEIS exam.

2. Apply for AEIS examination during the application window.

Make sure to check the application period and important dates. Note that all documents must be submitted by the deadline in order for an application to be complete.

3. Prepare for AEIS examination

According to the strategy above, the AEIS tuition centre should be able to prepare your child well for the AEIS exam. This includes topical worksheets and continual assessments. Get regular updates from your AEIS tuition centre. A good AEIS preparatory programme should be able to allow for ample time for the student to get the practice he needs.

4. Sit for AEIS

5. Collect results

The results will tell you if your application is successful or unsuccessful in entering local Singapore schools.

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