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AEIS Singapore At Raffles AEIS Tuition Centre

Raffles Edulab Preparatory Classes AEIS Singapore at Raffles AEIS Tuition Centre

AEIS Singapore - AEIS stands for Admissions Exercise for International Students. This is the primary method by which non Singaporean students enter the mainstream schools in Singapore. The AEIS or it's February counterpart the S-AEIS (Supplementary AEIS) test seeks to ensure that international students who are admitted to the mainstream schools are able to cope with the requirements of the Singapore education and curriculum.

These Students Have Made It Into Local Primary Schools

aeis tuition centre singapore
aeis tuition centre singapore

Is it Difficult/Impossible to Enter Local Singapore Schools?

This is a very valid concern. There are limited slots available every year. While the tests may be difficult for some, preparation is key. At Raffles Edulab, we have successfully prepared and helped many students gain successful placement into local schools. The key is really in the preparation. We will assess your child's capabilities and advise on the recommended approach accordingly. By the time your child sits for the exams, he/she will be more than prepared for it.

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aeis tuition centre singapore
aeis tuition centre singapore

Why Study In Local Singapore Schools

There are many reasons to study in local Singapore schools.

Namely, they include

  • More affordable school fees even for foreign students, as compared to very expensive school fees for private international schools
  • A top tier education system that is globally recognised as one of the best in the world, Singaporean students always rank tops globally for Math and Science
  • Assimilation into the local system especially for parents who are relocated here for the long term, or those who look towards permanent residency.
  • Easier entry into our top-tier local universities which are among the best in the region and worldwide

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aeis tuition centre singapore
aeis tuition centre singapore
aeis tuition centre singapore

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 Click Here For All The Info On S-AEISClick Here For All The Info On AEIS 

We provide a range of AEIS programmes that run Mondays to Fridays.

AEIS Preparatory Course (After school session): 4.30pm to 6.30pm
AEIS Preparatory Course (Half day session): 12.30pm to 4.30pm
AEIS Preparatory Course (Full day session): 8am to 4.30am

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Raffles AEIS Tuition Centre offers comprehensive AEIS preparatory course and classes for AEIS and S-AEIS students in Singapore that will prepare your child for the S-AEIS or AEIS classes.

Get all the necessary assessment, practice and exposure you need for your child right here at Raffles AEIS Tuition Centre.

There are various class arrangements with varying frequencies.  Depending on the initial assessment,  we will advise a customised growth plan and your child will get personalised attention during classes so your child will get everything he or she needs to pass the AEIS test and gain entry into a Singapore school

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Customisable Classes

All our classes are fully customisable to your needs

Personalised Attention

Be assured of personalised attention for your child.

Experienced Tutors

All our tutors are experienced and committed towards helping your child achieve success for his/her AEIS.


Raffles AEIS Centre
Raffles Edulab
400 Balestier Road

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All relevant information is obtained from MOE AEIS page.

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