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Achieve Your Desired PSLE and O-Level Exam Results

Our proprietary Raffles Framework empowers every student with the necessary skills to tackle their high-stakes examinations.


The Raffles Edulab Framework

The Raffles Framework uses a three-pronged framework to build students’ confidence in and mastery of the language.

This is facilitated by our unique approach to teaching which utilises banding, non-rote learning, and exam-oriented preparation.

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A. Concept

Empower your child with the best English tuition in Singapore. Our tailored approach caters to individual challenges, with standardized curricula and differentiated teaching based on student ability.

Group of enthusiastic Asian students

B. Simulated Exercise

Raffles Edulab provides structured exercises that allow students to practice concepts and techniques without feeling overwhelmed.


C. Application

During PSLE or O-Levels exam preparation, Raffles Edulab provides a realistic simulation of examination conditions, ensuring students are well-prepared.

Explore Our English Learning Programmes


A. Primary School

a. Writing Programmes

Enhance your child's writing skills through our English composition programme that focuses on writing techniques and how to craft a cohesive story.

b. English Tuition

Strengthen your child's English foundation with our comprehensive tuition programme. We cover all examinable components of the PSLE English Paper.


B. Secondary School

Secondary O Level

We'll equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their O Levels examinations. It covers essential English components, such as writing, comprehension, and oral skills.

See What Our Parents Are Saying

“My child loves Raffles Edulab because of the friendly teachers, personalized attention, and great learning environment. The teachers go above and beyond to meet individual needs, making it an exceptional place for kids to thrive."
Mother of Brad
"At home, Roshan always used to use Tamil for talking but after coming to Raffles, his English communication skills have improved very well. He started communicating and interacting with us in English."
Mother of Roshan
“Nuo Nuo, with no English background, for the Primary 1 exams within a tight 4-5 month deadline. Today, Nuo Nuo has made remarkable progress, confidently speaking English, reading independently, and fearlessly tackling assessments. "
Parent of Guo Yinuo

Programme Details

Level: P5/P6

Course Contents: PSLE Continuous Writing

Duration: 2 hours per lesson

Fees per Lesson $70

Fees per Cycle 4* $70 = $280

Promo Price for P5/P6 $224

What Your Child Gets

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We Are Here for All Your Questions

We specialise in preparation for the PSLE and GCE ‘O’ Level English paper and cater to students from levels Primary 5 to Secondary 4.

Lessons are capped at a maximum of 8 students for a healthy student-teacher ratio and so that every child enjoys individualised attention.

Your child will be placed into a class best suited for his/her ability level.

Our materials align closely with the MOE schools-based curriculum and are adapted from past-year PSLE and school examination questions.

We do not offer online classes at the moment. We believe that every child benefits from interacting with his/her peers in a purely on-site classroom environment.

Yes, you may wish to sign up for a one-month paid trial before deciding whether or not to commit to the Raffles programme.

We provide free consultations with our experienced team to help you understand your child’s learning needs and goals.

Our writing classes are skills-focused and designed to prepare your child adequately for your child’s graduating milestone exam.

Every lesson has a specific writing focus and dedicated time is set aside weekly for your child to practise the technique taught.

We try not to spoon feed your child model essays from the get-go. Instead, independent writing and application of skills is emphasised first. That being said, supervised guidance is available every step of the way. Depending on your child’s readiness, assistance will be provided at the teacher’s discretion.

Your child will sit for a placement test to help us place him/her in a class best suited for his/her ability level.

Course fees are strictly non-refundable. He/she may wish to attend a replacement class subject to class or teacher availability.

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