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Down Memory Lane

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Our History

Raffles Edulab has a rich history that goes back to the early 1980s. Then, Principal Mdm Tita was teaching at primary schools. She later started her own tuition group teaching English, Math and Science. In the early 2000s, she then started Elite Star Educational Services, where she continued her legacy of grooming students to be able to realise their full potential. It was also this period of time, where she managed to send her two sons to Raffles Institution. It was no mean feat but she believed in her students as much as her students believed in her.

True enough, some of her best students included 

More recently:
Never passed P5 Science and P6 CA1 (47%)
Taught intensively from March to Mid-year 2017: 74.5%

P4 Math: 68 - 72% range  to Final Year 2017: 91%

Students Mdm Tita has guided in the past:

Hui Ting: Agg 276   4A*   Raffles Girls School
Akrab Hidayat: Agg 263 3A* Temasek Primary School to Raffles Institution
Nur Hakeem: Agg 264 2A* Temasek Primary School to Raffles Institution
Marcus and Fabian (Twins): Agg 271,268, Both Maha Bodhi to Raffles Institution
Sadiq: Agg 251   3A*  Yumin Primary School to Victoria School
Winston: F9 to A2, E-math Private Candidate
Jennifer: 29/100 to B for PSLE Math

Today, the teachers under her care, including her own son, Hakeem, continue in her legacy, upholding the commitment, dedication, and passion that have seen hundreds of students under her wing excel academically. 

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