Raffles Homework Club : Self-Directed Learning that nurtures responsible and independent students

Student Care Jurong West : Raffles Homework Club
Student Care Jurong West : Raffles Homework Club

One of the cornerstones of Raffles Homework Club is that it is based on self-directed learning, whereby the child will take accountability for his own work and progress. This creates responsible and independent students. Teachers play a guiding and mentoring role in fostering such characteristics in the kids.

Student Care Jurong West : Raffles Homework Club

The outcome of the programme is that our students become more independent and responsible, and take ownership of their own growth and learning journey. The benefits of this are often lifelong. It fosters genuine curiosity and an inherent desire to consistently strive towards success.

How can Raffles Homework Club help your child?

Our structured daily programme ensures the following:
1. Your child's homework is fully completed correctly daily. 

Our teachers are ever-ready to help your child complete his homework correctly. The culture at Raffles Homework Club is such that when the child faces some difficulty, he will take the initiative to approach our teachers for help.

2.  Your child does his revision daily. 
Daily, your child will have a daily revision session that is anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours long. The consistent and daily revision session helps to further boost your child's confidence in the respective topics.

3. enrichment programme Your child enjoys our carefully curated enrichment programmes daily.
At Raffles Homework Club, it is not all work, and no play.  We believe in giving your child a break too. The Enrichment Programme is a daily activity that our Raffles Homework Club, Student Care Jurong West students absolutely look forward to. It consists of numerous activities across a wide range of interests such as arts and crafts, painting, trivia, outdoor activities and even Science Discovery programmes.

4. Most importantly, we nurture independent and responsible students who take ownership of their work.
Due to our self-directed learning, your child will learn to understand the role that he plays in order to perform well in school. The benefits are reaped long after your child graduates from Raffles Homework Club.

5. Our students score consistently high marks
In 2018, we capped off the year with 85% straight A's for the students at our centre. While this is by no means an easy feat, a lot of it is attributed to our self-directed learning programmes, the teachers who implement the programme and most importantly, the hardwork put in by the students themselves.

Holiday Programmes at Raffles Homework Club, Student Care Jurong West

Student Care Jurong West : Raffles Homework Club

Raffles Homework Club, Student Care Jurong West often conducts holiday programmes for the students. The holiday programmes are carefully planned to ensure the students have a fun day out filled with games and activities that challenge them in various ways. We also offer additional enrichment options such as Robotics held by our partners, Terraminds.

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We are pleased to announce that:

85% of our students scored straight A’s last year in their final examinations in 2018!

Our students’ notable achievements include :

💯May : Boon Lay Garden Primary School : Top In Class for Chinese
💯 Kaelyn : Rulang Primary School : F to A in Math
💯 Kayven : Jurong Primary School : 96.5 / 100 for Math
💯Shaylene : Rulang Primary School : 91/100 for Chinese
💯Yuna : Rulang Primary School : F to Pass in English


Feel free to call us/Whatsapp message us at 9004 9593 to arrange for an appointment to visit our centre.